Family Trip to Brooklyn.jpg

WHEN? Monday, February 19th meet at Chabad at 9:00am Return by about 3:00pm

For WHO? Families, singles, Moms & Dads , Kids, Grandma’s and Grandpas – and anyone in between

COST: $12 per person (includes Museum Entrance, no lunch) | $180 Sponsor of the day (includes a family of 4)

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So WHAT is it??
It’s a Day with friends and family!
It’s a chance to Explore the world famous Jewish Children’s Museum!
It’s an opportunity to browse and shop at a judaica store
It’s a choice of delighting in a kosher candy store
Its time to enjoy a real New York pizza store OR Deli.
All in all, it’s a delightful day away that will engage all of your senses.