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The Jewish holiday of Purim is fast approaching and will be celebrated on March 20th- 21st . On this joyous
occasion it is a great Mitzvah to give gifts of food to friends. These gifts have been traditionally known as Mishloach Manot or Shalach Manot since the days of Mordechai and Esther



Here’s how it works:
$5.00 per recipient you can participate in the sending of a mishloach manot basket to anyone on our membership list. 

Or you can also choose to send to a particular list

| Gan Yeladim - $180 | Gan & Chabad Faculty for $45 | Shul $180 | JWC - Jewish Women Connected $54 | Friendship Circle $180

Be a Sponsor! For just $360 - you can send to everyone on the list (Plus add up to 5 new names for free)

• All recipients will receive ONE basket, with a list of those who have sent them mishloach manot.

• Add any member of the Stamford Jewish Community that is not yet on this list for only $18. ($360 sponsors can add 5 new names for free)

• PLUS - categories for easy navigation - we have added on many community categories, such as local Jewish Schools and synagogues. These lists are by no means official or complete in any way, they are intended to help making choose recipients easier. (please email Taly at to have any name added or removed)

Please contact Taly at with questions, for more information, or for your personal User Name and Login so you can make your selections online.


Additionally, you can also purchase

2. Beautiful Purim Gift
An elegant Shalach Manos basket featuring gourmet chocolates, fresh Hamantashen and other delicious treats
$25 per Shalach Manos (Limited Quantities first come first served basis). Packages will be available for Pick up at Chabad from Monday, March 11th 

3. Shalach Manos Cards
A beautiful card in lieu of Shalach Manos, to send to Friends & family - can easily be mailed! $10 for the first card, package of 5 for $35 (a percentage of the proceeds to be distributed to the poor in Israel on Purim Day).

4.  Kids Shalach Manos
BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! A kids themed Shalach Manos just for the kiddies! $12 for one, 3 or more $10 each.



DEADLINE: All forms/online orders must be submitted by Monday, March 10th 
Thank you for supporting the Chabad & Gan PTA Purim Fundraiser!

Yes! I would like to participate
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I would like to order:
Option 1: A Beautiful Purim Gift, $25 per Shalach Manos
Option 2: Shalach Manos Cards, $10 for one, or $35 for a package of 5
Option 3: Kids Shalach Manos, $12 for one, 3 or more $10
Option 4: The Purim Project, Purim Packages are $5 each.

Additionally, we have discounted prices as follows:
Gan list: $180
Gan & Chabad Faculty: $45
Shul: $180
JWC Members: $54
Friendship Circle: $180
Add any name in the Stamford Jewish Community (That is not yet on our list): $18
YES - you can send to everyone on the list for just $360!

You may choose to send to as many people as you would like - your maximum cost is $360
(plus Choose 5 NEW names to add for FREE)

Please email for your User Name and Login.

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