Chabad Lubavitch of Stamford is dedicated to bringing love, optimism, Torah and Mitzvot to every Jew in the community no matter their religious affiliation or level of observance. With the introduction of Betsy’s Buddies we will facilitate one-on-one visitations between volunteers and homebound members in the community. This new companionship program will pair people with mutual values, care and commitment through social, physical, mental and spiritual engagement thus bringing positive energy and friendship to both individuals.

Because even in a vibrant, multifaceted community like ours, a person can become isolated for numerous reasons. We believe it can and should be different.

Of course friendship is a two way street. Through pairing “buddies”, aging or homebound community members will have the opportunity to share their invaluable life experience and wisdom. Some of the activities you may be engaged in are taking a walk, playing a game, celebrating a holiday together, listening to music, discussing current events, and learning Torah. Research shows how crucial social engagement and loving relationships help a person’s mind, body and soul remain content and vibrant. Both volunteers and participants will gain a mutually rewarding experience. These visits will become a highlight of the week, both yours and your buddy.

To become a volunteer fill out the application. We will contact you. We look forward to your participation in the inaugural Betsy’s Buddies Program. If you have any questions, please call Nechama Hordiner 203-324-2223