The Shabbos Project 5777 is coming Nov 11-12! Be a part of it!
The Shabbos Project Stamford
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What is the Shabbos Project?
The Shabbos Project is a unique, international grassroots Jewish identity movement that unites all Jews to keep one full Shabbat together. The idea originated two years ago in South Africa, where the majority of the country's diverse Jewish community joined together to observe a single Shabbat, most for the first time in their lives.
The International Shabbos Project will take place on the Shabbat of 11/12 November 2017 in more than 212 cities and 33 countries around the globe.

Click here to find out more about the Shabbos Project!

What are we doing for The Shabbos Project in Stamford?
Jews all over Stamford are encouraged to keep Shabbos Nov 11-12th and there are many different ways to do so.

4 ways to participate:

  1. Do something extra for your Shabbos observance or observe your first completeShabbos

  2. Observe Shabbat in your own home (think about inviting friends or neighbors to join you for a Shabbat meal)

  3. Want to be a host or be hosted? Let us know and we will connect you to people who can join you or match you with a host family email to be matched

  4. Join Our Communal Shabbat Dinner 

    Shabbat Dinner
    Friday, November 11th

    Candle Lighting 5:44 Dinner 6:30 pm

    Chabad will host a communal Shabbat dinner.

    Click here to RSVP and more info

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