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Dear Friends

Our hearts are heavy with pain on the devastating loss of Rivky (Deren) Berman. Rivky was the youngest daughter of Rabbi Yisrael & Morah Vivi Deren, who have touched and inspired so many of our lives, and the lives of our children in meaningful and powerful ways. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rabbi Deren and Morah Vivi and the entire family, at this painful and difficult time. We each want to be there for them and help ease the pain- but how?

Rivky was raised in an atmosphere of doing and giving to others and with the ideals that the Derens live their lives by. For those of you who merited to know Rivky, you know, how what was instilled in her was so part of who she was. For those of you who were not privileged to meet her personally, allow us to describe what Rivky embodied. Rivky lived her life with joy and perseverance. Despite difficult health issues throughout her entire life, she never allowed this to drag her down or define her. Rivky lived every moment to its fullest. Hashem blessed her with perhaps one of her greatest wishes of all - to get married. Rivky married an exceptional human being, a Stamford boy, Shmuely Berman and just less than 4 years ago, when we stood at that magical celebration, we knew that Shmuely and Rivky were a power duo, ready to tackle any obstacle that was going to present itself and those obstacles presented themselves, time and time again and Rivky with the dedicated Shmuely at her side overcame each one. To know Rivky was to love Rivky, to crave just 5 more minutes in her presence, to catch just a little of her sunshine, her love for life and joy in living it! Rivky shared freely and openly, on facebook, in person, on a number of different videos taken of her, her view on this gift we call LIFE. She uplifted and inspired all with her positivity, her vigor and her outlook that all is always good, despite how it may feel or appear.

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At the bottom of each of Rivky’s emails were her now famous words "and remember:

"EVERYTHING ENDS UP OK IN THE END AND IF ITS NOT OK ......... THEN ITS NOT THE END!!!"While we sit with tremendous pain, that clearly is not ok, we know that this can’t be the end and that’s where each of US come in, that's where we can all help. The Lubavitcher Rebbe taught us “Vehachai Yitten El Libo” “And the Living Shall take to heart” Each of us being part of this community, were touched by Rivky on some level, even if just by reading this email. We each have the opportunity and power to make it okay by taking on an extra Mitzva – Good Deed - in Rivky’s merit. The force of all of these Mitzvot together will no doubt hasten the coming of Moshiach, whom we are told “Will wipe off the tears from all faces.”

We invite you to share your “Mitzvos for Rivky”, which we will compile into a book and present to the family, as this will no doubt bring a measure of comfort to them. Please email with your Mitzvah (and any additional thoughts or pictures you want to share)

Many of you have asked us how you can help and what you can do for the Derens – first and foremost it is with your Mitzvot and good deeds. Each time a mitzvah is done in her merit, Rivky's light and life continue to shine. For those who would like to participate in Shiva meals and needs -please email to shop, cook or contribute.

May we have simchas and happy occasions to share with one another and may we merit the ultimate joy of life – the coming of Moshiach, when it will be all OK and only revealed good!

Rabbi Moshe & Leah Shemtov
Chabad of Stamford