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Sunday // November 28 4:30PM
Giant Menorah Lighting at Latham Park 

Tuesday/ November 30 6:00pm
Cteen Chanukah Celebration

Wednesday/ Dec1 8:00PM
JWC Chanukah Package Party

Thursday// December 2 12:00pm 
Betsy's Buddies Chanukah Lunch

Saturday// December 4 6:00pm
Chanukah Menorah Car Parade. Starts at Chabad of Stamford. Followed by Menorah lighting at Latham Park

Public Menorah Lighting
Sunday, November 28

4:30 PM

Latham Park, Stamford, CT
  • Music
  • Latkes, Hot apple
  • Fresh Donuts
For more info, contact [email protected]


Chanukah Menorah Car Parade
Join a parade of cars decked out with menorahs & drive through Stamford culminating with a menorah lighting at Latham Park

When: Saturday December 4th 6:00pm

Where: Starts at Chabad of Stamford 

Chanukah How-To
Not sure whether it's set up left to right or right to left or whether it's lit right to left or left to right?

We can help!

Click here to check out tutorials.